Silouet-Tone was conceived in 1971 with a commitment to unprecedented excellence in the manufacture of physio-esthetic and electrolysis equipment. Innovation and advanced technology is consistently delivered through its experienced industry professionals.


    Since 1973, Living Earth Crafts has been the leader in spa treatment table innovation, manufacturing the highest quality salon and spa equipment for some of the most exclusive spas and resorts in the world. Our products are made with eco-friendly materials and offer outstanding value.

  • Meeting equipment needs not only creates a spa with an aesthetically appealing look and feel, it also allows your staff to provide the best service possible. Focusing your energy on a positive experience for your clients also supports the long-term effect of favorable word of mouth, as well as business sustainability and growth.


    Designed and manufactured in the United States, Continuum Pedicure Spas utilize high-quality, eco-friendly, natural components. In addition, they use less plastic and operate with fewer resources than other pedicure chairs, ensuring a better product for you and the environment.


    Stogryn offers a wide range of spa equipment for every budget and every requirement, backed by industry-leading customer service and no-hassle manufacturer warranties.


    Found in the most prestigious spas worldwide, our equipment brands are a reflection of your passion for excellence and customer care.

Product Lines



Please contact us directly at 1.800.661.7025 for furniture options and pricing.

Microdermabrasion Systems Equipment

  • Derma Pod ST411476
  • Derma Pod Satellites (4 functions) ST411480
  • Derma Pod Column ST410307
  • Essential Peel ST411422
  • Silver Peel (Crystal Free Only) ST411421
  • Crystal Free System ST416690


Microdermabrasion Systems Crystals

  • Corundum Crystals 1lb (box of 5, Essential Peel) ST416010
  • Corundum Crystals 2lbs (Derma Pod) ST411462
  • Corundum Crystals 4lbs (ST Peel) ST411461


Microdermabrasion Systems Nozzles/Tips

  • Nozzle Face Blue 10pk (Derma Pod/Essential Peel) ST416632
  • Nozzle Body Green 10pk (Derma Pod/Essential Peel) ST416633
  • Blue Tip (Fine) Crystal Free System ST416683
  • Grey Tip (Medium) Crystal Free System ST416685
  • Yellow Tip (Coarse) Crystal Free System ST416687
  • Red Tip (Very Coarse) Crystal Free System ST416689


Microdermabrasion Systems Filters


  • Security Filter (Derma Pod/Essential Peel) 1 year ST416613
  • Security Filter (ST Peel) 1 year ST416615
  • Powder Filter (Derma Pod/Essential Peel) 50 treatments ST416597
  • Hand Piece Filter (Crystal Free/Derma Pod/Essential & Silver Peel) 3pk (12 treatments) ST416003


Microdermabrasion Systems Hand Piece/Tubing

  • Crystal Hand Piece for ST411476/ST411422 (Derma Pod/Essential Peel)ST411485
  • Hand Piece for ST416690 (Crystal Free System) ST411489
  • Flexible Tubing for ST411485 (Derma Pod/Essential Peel) ST416005
  • Flexible Tubing for ST411489 (Crystal Free System) ST416004
  • Black O Ring Hand Piece (Derma Pod/Essential Peel)ST22711585
  • White O Ring Hand Piece (Derma Pod/Essential Peel)ST22711562


Please contact us directly at 1.800.661.7025 for Foot Spa options and pricing.