Introducing Tranquillity Amenities for hotel, resort and spa


The TRANQUILLITY AMENITIES line offers a complete range of luxurious travel size products, as well as new refillable products, for an eco-sustainable choice that combines respect for nature with a cost effective room-replenishing program.


When it comes to hospitality and spa, today’s contemporary nomads and guests want to be spoiled with unique, memorable experiences while at the same time, feeling “at home”. They look for an exceptional, tailor-made service that takes into consideration their lifestyle and embraces the value of social and environmental responsibility. The [ comfort zone ] range of science-based, soulful and sustainable products and rituals, provides travelers and spa visitors the opportunity to find a space of tranquility and well being wherever they are.

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Click on the blue head & shoulders icon beside CONTACT US at top menu; Choose “Online Ordering” from the drop-down menu; Enter your Stogryn login details; click on [ comfort zone ] logo > click “COMFORT ZONE BRAND PROMOTIONS”. Forgot your username or password? Contact your Business Development Manager, or Customer Service at 1.800.661.7025;