Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati Family, Davines Group started as a research laboratory, producing high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. After a decade of honing its expertise, Davines began creating its own brand of hair care products exclusively for salons.


    Davines dares to create its hair care lines based on intuition rather than conforming to the mainstream. This provides the freedom to develop concepts and products that are original, authentic and emotionally connected with people. Davines products are a thoughtful balance of substance and style, nature and science, people and spirit.


    Davines not only strives to be the most beautiful cosmetics company in the world, but also the most ethical. Its interpretation of “ethical” stands for the art of building a good relationship with one's self, with others, and the environment within which we live.


    Davines product development focuses on creating the best products with attention and respect for the environment, using high-grade, natural ingredients, and applying scientific rigor to every product for guaranteed customer safety.


    A comprehensive range of products helps actualize your creative vision as a stylist, while maintaining the health of your client's hair. Davines in-depth training strengthens technical knowledge and inspires artistic experimentation, resulting in additional opportunities for services and revenue.


    “Since using Davines colour and haircare products, my hair has never looked or felt better. I love everything about these products, from the smell to textures and packaging.” ~ Valerie S., British Columbia

Product Lines


Ammonia-free colour cream enriched with carotenoids and melanin for a strong anti-oxidant action. Creates intense and bright colour tone as well as pastel tones on bleached and pre-lighted hair.


  • 1.0 Black 60ml DV22772
  • 2.0 Darkest Brown 60ml DV22773
  • 3.0 Dark Brown60 ml DV22774
  • 4.0 Brown 60ml DV22775
  • 5.0 Light Brown 60ml DV22776
  • 6.0 Dark Blonde 60ml DV22777
  • 7.0 Blonde 60ml DV22778
  • 8.0 Light Blonde 60ml DV22779
  • 9.0 Very Light Blonde 60ml DV22780
  • 10.0 Lightest Blonde 60ml DV22781



  • 4 Brown Natural Warm 60ml DV22787
  • 5 Light Brown Natural Warm 60ml DV22788
  • 6 Dark Blonde Natural Warm 60ml DV22789
  • 7 Blonde Natural Warm 60ml DV22790
  • 8 Light Blonde Natural Warm 60ml DV22791



  • 33.0 Intense Dark Brown 60ml DV23976
  • 44.0 Intense Brown 60ml DV23286
  • 55.0 Intense Light Brown 60ml DV23287
  • 66.0 Intense Dark Blonde 60ml DV23288
  • 77.0 Intense Blonde 60ml DV23289
  • 88.0 Intense Light Blonde 60ml DV23290



  • 5.1 Light Ash Brown 60ml DV22782
  • 6.1 Dark Blonde Ash 60ml DV22783
  • 7.1 Blonde Ash 60ml DV22784
  • 8.1 Light Blonde Ash 60ml DV22785
  • 9.1 Very Light Blonde Ash 60ml DV22786



  • 6.11  Intense Dark Ash Blonde 60ml DV23979
  • 8.11 Intense Light Ash Blonde 60ml DV23980
  • 10.11 Intense Lightest Ash Blonde 60ml DV23981



  • 5.73 Light Brown Beige Gold 60ml DV22795
  • 6.73 Dark Brown Beige Gold 60ml DV22796
  • 7.73 Blonde Beige Gold 60ml DV22797



  • 5.3 Light Brown Golden 60ml DV22798
  • 6.3 Dark Blonde Golden 60ml DV22799
  • 7.3 Blonde Golden 60ml DV22800
  • 8.3 Light Blonde Golden 60ml DV22801
  • 9.3 Very Light Blonde Golden 60ml DV22802



  • 6.34 Dark Blonde Golden Copper 60ml DV22811
  • 7.34 Blonde Golden Copper 60ml DV22812
  • 5.4 Light Brown Copper 60ml DV22813
  • 6.4 Dark Blonde Copper 60ml DV22814



  • 9.22 Very Light Blonde Intense Irise 60ml DV22817
  • 10.32 Light Golden Violet Blonde 60ml DV23978


Tools of the trade to help you create beautiful results.

Aprons & Capes

  • Davines Nylon Colour Apron DVZ0097
  • Davines Nylon Colour Cape DVZ0096
  • DV Disposable Cape DV22656


Brushes and Bowls

  • Davines Colour Bowl DV22653
  • Davines Small Colour Brush DV22654
  • Davines Large Colour Brush DV22655


Banners and Displays

  • Large Counter/Tester Display DV22908
  • Communication Kit Large Display DVA2161
  • POP Frame, A5 (new version) DV22906
  • Insert for POP Frame VA2153



  • Finest Pigment Brochure & Tech Dossier DV22450
  • More Inside Consumer Brochures DV23915



  • Finest Pigments Chart DV22448
  • ANC Lux Colour Chart DV23497
  • ANC Basic Swatch Chart DV23496
  • ANC Pure Colours Lux Swatch Insert DV23957
  • ANC Pure Colours Basic Swatch Insert V23958
  • DVMIPMask Instructional Poster
  • DV23592New Mask Compact Colour Chart
  • DV23591New Mask Lux Colour Chart



  • Balance Curl Dossier DV22077
  • Natural Tech Technical Dossier DV23261
  • ANC Technical Dossier V23989
  • Mask Technical Dossier DV21734



  • Colour Gloves, Black Nitrile DV22661
  • Finest Pigments Sponges DV22456
  • Finest Pigment Application DVAPPLICATOR
  • Davines Window Cling DV23419
  • Davines Shopper Bags, Mixed DV23607
  • Measuring Cup Set DVA0772
  • Flamboyage Meche, Long DV23381
  • Flamboyage Meche, Short DV23380


Distilled pure colour pigments combined with precious creams in 6 shampoos and 6 conditioners that enhance natural and coloured hair. The specific colour pigments blend with cosmetically coloured hair, maintaining the intensity of the colour between services. Illuminates, accentuates and enriches natural colour while providing internal strength, protection and shine.

  • Alchemic Silver Shampoo 250ml DV20566
  • Alchemic Silver Shampoo 1000ml DV21171
  • Alchemic Silver Conditioner 250ml DV20567
  • Alchemic Silver Conditioner 1000ml DV21172
  • Alchemic Golden Shampoo 250ml DV20568
  • Alchemic Golden Conditioner 251ml DV20569
  • Alchemic Tobacco Shampoo 252ml DV20570
  • Alchemic Tobacco Conditioner 253ml DV20571
  • Alchemic Red Shampoo 254ml DV20572
  • Alchemic Red Conditioner 255ml DV20573
  • Alchemic Copper Shampoo 256ml DV20574
  • Alchemic Copper Conditioner 257ml DV20575
  • Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo 258ml DV20576
  • Alchemic Chocolate Conditioner 259ml DV20577
  • Alchemic Shampoo Pump – 1000ml DVPUMPBLK1000S
  • Alchemic Conditioner Pump – 1000ml DVPUMPBLK1000C
  • Alchemic Shampoo Pump – 250ml DVPUMPBLK250S


Davines Authentic formulas….for the beauty and delight of face, hair and body.

  • Authentic Butter 200ml DV22672
  • Authentic Cleanse Nectar 280ml DV22669
  • Authentic Nourishing OI/l 140ml DV22671
  • Authentic MOI/sture Balm 150ml DV22670
  • Shampoo Pump 250ml DVPUMPBLK250S
  • Authentic Butter Sample 12 x 12ml DV22705
  • Authentic Nectar Sample 12 x 12ml DV22702
  • Authentic OI/l Sample 12 x 12ml DV22704
  • Authentic Balm Sample 12 x 12ml DV22703


Curling lotions with conditioning and protective actions for sensitized, resistant and stressed hair types; balanced neutralizer for long-lasting perms.


  • Balance Protective Cream Relaxing #1 125ml DV20327
  • Balance Protective Cream Relaxing #2 125ml DV20326
  • Balance Delicate Neutralizer for Caucasic Hair 500ml DV20330
  • Balance System Pump 500ml DVPUMP500



  • Boucle Perm 1100ml DV21868
  • Boucle Perm 2100ml DV21869
  • Balance Neutralizer 1000ml DV23457
  • Measuring Cups 3pc DVA0772


Ammonia-free gel formulation with up to 95% natural origin ingredients. Simple and fast to use, it does not require an activator. Colours immediately to intensify natural hair colour and emphasize cosmetic hair colour. Tones highlights and can be used to camouflage white hair and obtain intense creative reflects on bleached hair. Can be applied immediately after a perm or relaxing treatment.

  • Finest Gloss 280ml DV22402
  • Finest Pigments Golden 280ml DV22403
  • Finest Pigments Red 280ml DV22404
  • Finest Pigments Copper 280ml DV22405
  • Finest Pigments Mahogany 280ml DV22406
  • Finest Pigments Ash 280ml DV22407
  • Finest Pigments Pearl 280ml DV22408
  • Finest Pigments Sand 280ml DV22409
  • Finest Pigments No3 280ml DV22410
  • Finest Pigments No4 280ml DV22411
  • Finest Pigments No5 280ml DV22412
  • Finest Pigments No6 280ml DV22413
  • Finest Pigments No7 280ml DV22414
  • Finest Pigments No8 280ml DV22415
  • Finest Pigments No9 280ml DV22416
  • Finest Pigments chart DV22448
  • Finest Pigments brochure DV22450
  • Finest Pigments application sponges 3pc DV22456
  • Finest Pigments Applicator DVAPPLICATOR


Formulated to refresh and clean all hair types without using water. Creates a full-bodied volume without weighing the hair down. Hair is scented and soft as though it was just washed!

Retail Products

Hair Refresher 150 ml DV23855



This innovative permanent cream-based colouring system uses Vibrachrom™ technology to penetrate evenly into the hair structure, for intense conditioning power and shiny, long-lasting colour. Low ammonia, flexible and easy-to-use, it’s ideal for covering white hair, reflect changing, darkening, or lightening up to three levels. PPD and paraben free.


  • 10,01 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25130
  • 7,11 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25133
  • 10,12 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25134
  • 10,23 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25143
  • 10,7 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25173
  • 7,73 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25176



  • 4,22 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25141
  • 7,24 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25142
  • 3,51 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25163
  • 7,51 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25164
  • 4,55 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25165
  • 5,56 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25166



  • 2,11 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25131
  • 5,11 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25132
  • 4,14 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25135
  • 5,14 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25136
  • 6,14 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25137
  • 5,15 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25138
  • 6,15 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25139
  • 2,21 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25140
  • 6,71 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25172
  • 5,73 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25174
  • 6,73 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25175



  • 1,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25102
  • 2,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25103
  • 3,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25104
  • 4,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25105
  • 5,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25106
  • 6,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25107
  • 7,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25108
  • 8,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV2510
  • 9,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25110
  • 10, 0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25111



  • 6,34 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25153
  • 7,34 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25154
  • 7,4 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml  DV25157
  • 8,44 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25158
  • 6,46 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25161
  • 8,46 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25162
  • 4,06 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25167
  • 6,06 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25168
  • 5,61 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25169
  • 7,64 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25171
  • 6,66 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25170



  • 7,3 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25146
  • 8,3 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25147
  • 9,3 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25148
  • 9,31 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25149
  • 7,32 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25150
  • 8,33 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25151
  • 9,04 Mask with Vibrachrom100ml DV25159



  • 33,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV251124
  • 4,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV251135
  • 5,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV251146
  • 6,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV251157
  • 7,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV251168
  • 8,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV251179
  • 9,0 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25118



  • 4 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25119
  • 5 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25120
  • 6 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25121
  • 7 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25122
  • 8 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25123



  • 5,3 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25144
  • 6,3 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25145
  • 5,34 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25152
  • 6,35 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25155
  • 5,4 Mask with Vibrachrom 100m lDV25156



  • 12,01 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25177
  • 12,11 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25178
  • 12,13 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25180
  • 12,21 Mask with Vibrachrom100ml DV25179



  • 4,1 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25124
  • 5,1 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25125
  • 6,1 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25126
  • 7,1 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25127
  • 8,1 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25128
  • 9,1 Mask with Vibrachrom 100ml DV25129



Hyper Blonde Booster 100ml DV25182



MASK BLEACH 500g DV63120




  • ACTIVATOR 5VOL 900ml DV25373
  • ACTIVATOR 10VOL 900ml DV25183
  • ACTIVATOR 20VOL 900ml DV25184
  • ACTIVATOR 30VOL 900ml DV25185


Pre-colour Treatment




  • BRUSH – size small DVC0201
  • BRUSH – size medium DVC0202
  • BRUSH – size large DVC0203
  • APRON DVC0205
  • CAPE DVC0206



Support Materials



Styling is an art that allows stylists to give shape to their creative expression and make the most of their customer’s personality. Staying true to this philosophy, Davines created More Inside – honest tools that tell their own story through their characteristics and capabilities, whisper thoughts inspired by their function, elevated to humble and discreet advice, which can be applied to everyday life.

The Products

  • Strong Hold Hairspray 400ml DV23885
  • Medium Hold Hairspray 400ml DV23735
  • Medium Hold Hairspray, Travel Size 100ml DV24430
  • Invisible No Gas Spray 250ml DV23736
  • Volume Boosting Mousse 250ml DV23737
  • Curl Moisturizing Mousse 250ml DV23738
  • Shimmering Mist 200ml DV23739
  • Invisible Serum 50ml DV23740
  • Medium Hold Pliable Paste 125ml DV23741
  • Sea Salt Spray 250ml DV23750
  • Sea Salt Spray, Travel Size 100ml DV23884
  • Strong Dry Wax 100ml DV23743
  • Medium Hold Finishing Gum 100ml DV23742
  • Strong Hold Cream Gel 125ml DV23747
  • Medium Hold Modelling Gel 250ml DV23746
  • OI/L NON OI/L 250ml DV23745
  • Curl Building Serum 250ml DV23748
  • Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid 125ml DV23749
  • Strong Moulding Clay 100ml DV23744
  • Texturizing Dust 75ml DV23751


Sales & Marketing Materials

  • More Inside Consumer Brochure 24pk DV23915
  • More inside Salon Brochure DV23933


A product and treatment system specifically designed and formulated to combat common scalp and hair problems. Combines carefully-selected raw materials with the most advanced science and research for perfect synergy between nature and technology.


  • Calming Shampoo 250ml DV23079
  • Calming Shampoo Professional 1000ml DV23081
  • Calming Superactive Serum 100ml DV23082



  • Energizing Shampoo 250ml DV23047
  • Energizing Shampoo Professional 1000ml DV23048
  • Energizing Lotion 12 x 6ml DV23049
  • Energizing Lotion 100ml DV23050
  • Energizing Gel 150ml DV23051
  • Energizing Superactive Serum 100ml DV23084



  • Nourishing Shampoo 250ml DV23053
  • Nourishing Shampoo Professional 1000ml DV23054
  • Vegetarian Miracle 250ml DV23056
  • Vegetarian Miracle Professional 1000ml DV23058
  • Restructuring Miracle 1000ml DV23059
  • Living Enzyme Infusion 100ml DV23060
  • Royal Jelly Superactive 6 x 8ml DV23083
  • Nourishing Building Pak 250ml DV23055



  • Replumping Shampoo 250ml DV24038
  • Replumping Conditioner 150ml DV24041
  • Replumping Superactive Hair Filler 100ml DV23044
  • Replumping Shampoo 1000ml DV24039
  • Replumping Conditioner 1000ml DV24042
  • Replumping Superactive Hair Filler 1000ml DV24045



  • Rebalancing Shampoo 250ml DV23065
  • Rebalancing Shampoo Professional 1000ml DV23068



  • Well Being Shampoo 250ml DV23072
  • Well Being Shampoo Professional 1000ml DV23074
  • Well Being Conditioner 150ml DV23076
  • Well Being Conditioner Professional 1000ml DV23077
  • Well Being De Stress Lotion 250ml DV23075
  • Well Being Massage OI/l100ml DV23078



  • Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo 250ml DV23070
  • Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo Professional 1000ml DV23071
  • Detoxifying Superactive Serum Professional 500ml DV23085
  • Detoxifying Mud Professional 6 x 50ml DV23069



  • Purifying Shampoo 250ml DV23062
  • Purifying Shampoo 1000ml DV23063
  • Purifying Gel 150ml DV23064




  • Natural Tech Pancarte Family set of 7 DV23351
  • Black Pump DVPUMP900BLK




  • Replumping Shampoo Samples 12 x 12ml DV24040
  • Replumping Conditioner Samples 12 x 12ml DV24043
  • Calming Shampoo Samples 12 x 12ml DV23097
  • Detoxifying Shampoo Samples 12 x 12ml DV23094
  • Energizing Shampoo Samples 12 x 12ml DV23086
  • Nourishing Shampoo Samples 12 x 12ml DV23088
  • Nourishing Hair Building Pak Samples 12 x 12ml DV23090
  • Vegetarian Miracle Samples 12 x 12ml DV23089
  • Rebalancing Shampoo Samples 12 x 12ml DV23093
  • Well Being Shampoo Samples 12 x 12ml DV23095
  • Well Being Conditioner Samples 12 x 12ml DV23096


Sales  & Marketing Materials


  • Natural Tech Consumer Brochure 24pk DV23263
  • Natural Tech Technical Dossier DV23261


Formulated with care, vision and passion, New Essentials combines science and beauty with the essence of Mediterranean herbs, flowers and fruit.

  • Solu Refreshing Shampoo 250ml DV24225
  • Solu Refreshing Shampoo 1000ml DV24226
  • Momo MOI/sturizing Shampoo 250ml DV24210
  • Momo MOI/sturizing Shampoo 1000ml DV24211
  • Momo Potion 150ml DV24217
  • Momo MOI/sturizing Conditioner 250ml DV24214
  • Momo MOI/sturizing Conditioner 1000ml DV24215
  • Nounou Nourishing Shampoo 250ml DV24199
  • Nounou Nourishing Shampoo 1000ml DV24200
  • Nounou Nourishing Conditioner 250ml DV24203
  • Nounou Nourishing Conditioner 1000ml DV24204
  • Nounou Nourishing Mask 250ml DV24207
  • Nounou Nourishing Mask 1000ml DV24208
  • Dede Delicate Shampoo 250ml DV24218
  • Dede Delicate Shampoo 1000ml DV24219
  • Dede Leave in Mist Conditioner 250ml DV24221
  • Dede Conditioner 250ml DV24222
  • Dede Conditioner 1000ml DV24223
  • Lovely Curl Shampoo 250ml DV24229
  • Lovely Curl Shampoo 1000ml DV24230
  • Lovely Curl Enhancing Conditioner 250ml DV24232
  • Lovely Curl Enhancing Conditioner 1000ml DV24233
  • Lovely Curl Cream 150ml DV24235
  • Lovely Smoothing Shampoo 250ml DV24237
  • Lovely Smoothing Shampoo 1000ml DV24238
  • Lovely Smoothing Conditioner 250ml DV24240
  • Lovely Smoothing Conditioner 1000ml DV24241
  • Lovely Hair Smoother 150ml DV24243
  • Melu Mellowing Shampoo 250ml DV24244
  • Melu Mellowing Shampoo 1000ml DV24245
  • Melu Mellowing Conditioner 250ml DV24247
  • Melu Mellowing Conditioner 1000ml DV24248
  • Melu Thermal Protect Shield 250ml DV24250
  • Volu Shampoo 250ml DV24251
  • Volu Shampoo 1000ml DV24252
  • Volu Mist 250ml DV24254
  • Minu Shampoo 250ml DV24255
  • Minu Shampoo 1000ml DV24256
  • Minu Conditioner 250ml DV24259
  • Minu Conditioner 1000ml DV24260
  • Minu Mask 250ml DV24263
  • Minu Mask 1000ml DV24264
  • Minu Hair Serum 150ml DV24266


5000ml Size Products

  • Minu Conditioner 5000ml DV24261
  • Minu Shampoo 5000ml DV24257
  • Nounou Nourishing Conditioner 5000ml DV24205
  • Nounou Nourishing Shampoo 5000ml DV24201
  • Solu Refereshing Shampoo 5000ml DV24227
  • 5000ml Pump 1pc. DVPUMP5000




  • Minu Shampoo Samples 12x12ml DV24258
  • Minu Conditioner Samples 12x12ml DV24262
  • Minu Mask Samples 12x12ml DV24265
  • Minu Hair Serum Samples 12x12ml DV24567
  • Nounou Shampoo Samples 12x12ml DV24202
  • Nounou Conditioner Samples 12x12ml DV24206
  • Nounou Hair Mask Samples 12x12ml DV24209
  • Momo Shampoo Samples 12x12ml DV24213
  • Momo Conditioner Samples 12x12ml DV24216
  • Dede Shampoo Samples 12x12ml DV24220
  • Dede Conditioner Samples 12x12ml DV24224
  • Love Curl Shampoo Samples 12x12ml DV24231
  • Love Curl Conditioner Samples 12x12ml DV24234
  • Love Smoothing Shampoo Samples 12x12ml DV24239
  • Love Smoothing Conditioner Samples 12x12ml DV24242
  • Solu Shampoo Samples 12x12ml DV24228
  • Melu Shampoo Samples 12x12ml DV24246
  • Melu Conditioner Samples 12x12ml DV24249
  • Volu Shampoo Samples 12x12ml DV24253
  • 1L pump 1pc. DVPUMP1000


Sales & Marketing Tools


  • Reusable Shopper Set 24pc DVSHOPPER
  • Essentials Animation Kit 4pc DVA2802
  • Essentials Salon Brochure 1pc DVA2796
  • Essential Consumer Brochure 24pc DVA2758



Styling agents formulated with Roucou oil provide extraordinary shine and softness while de-tangling any type of hair. Anti-aging Hand Crème and Moisturizing Body Wash complement daily haircare routines.

Retail Products

  • OI/Oil 135ml DV23728
  • OI/ All in One Milk 135ml DV23557
  • OI/ Conditioner 250ml DV23556
  • OI/ Shampoo 280ml DV23555
  • OI/ Body Wash 280ml DV24776
  • OI/ Conditioner 1000ml DV24074
  • OI/ Shampoo 1000ml DV24073



  • OI/ Lotion 12 x 13ml DV23759
  • OI/ Serum 12 x 13ml DV23760


Travel Sizes

  • OI/ Oil Travel Size 50ml DV23500
  • OI/ Shampoo Travel Size 90ml DV24374
  • OI/ Conditioner Travel Size 75ml DV24375
  • OI/ All in One Milk Travel Size 50 ml DV24376


Sample Sizes

  • OI/ All in One Milk Samples 12 x 4ml DV23876
  • OI/ Conditioner Samples 12 x 12ml DV23560
  • OI/ Shampoo Samples 12 x 12ml DV23559
  • OI/ Body Wash Samples 12 x 12ml DV24778
  • OI/Oil Tester Box 6 x 12ml DV23731


Sales & Marketing Materials

  • OI/ Consumer Brochure DV24857
  • OI/ Salon Brochure DV24862


A suncare system designed and formulated to meet the specific needs of hair exposed to sun, sea water, and chlorine.

Retail Products

      • SU / After Sun Cream 150ml DV24566
      • SU / Hair & Body Wash 250ml DV24561
      • SU / Hair & Body Wash Travel 75ml DV24744
      • SU / After Sun Replenishing Mask 150ml DV24562
      • SU / Milk 135ml DV24563
      • SU / Sachet Kit DV24701 (includes: 6 SU / Hair & Body Wash 12 ml; 6 SU / After Sun Replenishing Mask 12ml; 6 SU / Milk 12 ml



Sales & Marketing Tools

  • SU / Cotton Bags* 12 pk DV24438
  • SU / Display DVZ0183
  • SU / Animation Kit (4 pcs) DV24810