Covid Response

A Message To Our Partners

Supporting our Partners has always come first, and now more than ever, we recognize the importance of longevity: longevity of our local businesses, of our communities, and most importantly, of our health and well-being.


That’s why we have taken the following steps to protect our employees and Partners during these challenging times:

  • Hygiene requirements in our offices such as mask wearing and the frequent sanitization of work areas
  • Limited touch points and sharing of supplies required for order fulfillment
  • Virtual collaboration to limit in-person meetings and travel within Canada
  • Increased online education and fulfillment opportunities
  • Close adherence to public health guidelines and requirements issued by provincial governments


While the pandemic has demanded abrupt change in the world of wellness, our team is here to support you. Whether it’s exploring new opportunities to support the success of your business, or a familiar voice on the other end of the line, we are here and we will get through this together.



The Stogryn Team
Your Partner For Success.